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Medical Education Unit 

This Department was established in 2021 and started functioning under the Chairmanship of Dean, TRR INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES

The Medical Education Unit at TRRIMS is dedicated to overseeing and enhancing all academic endeavors pertaining to medical education technology. Our responsibilities encompass a comprehensive range of tasks aimed at ensuring the highest standards in medical education:

  • Supervising and coordinating educational activities within the medical college to uphold excellence.

  • Spearheading continuous quality enhancement initiatives within medical education.

  • Strategizing, executing, and assessing curricular advancements and faculty growth in accordance with guidelines set forth by the National Medical Commission.

  • Steering curriculum development endeavors through close collaboration with the curriculum committee.

  • Conducting faculty development programs and workshops under the purview of the Faculty Development Committee to foster professional growth among educators.

  • Advocating and facilitating the integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into the medical curriculum.

  • Facilitating the establishment and management of specialized practical laboratories such as Skills Labs, Simulation Centers, and Communication Labs.

  • Promoting educational research through project implementation and publication.

  • Providing comprehensive training and support to newly recruited faculty members in the realm of Medical Education Technology (MET).

  • Serving as a conduit for national and international networking and collaborative opportunities in the field of medical education.

  • Through these endeavors, the Medical Education Unit endeavors to uphold TRRIMS's commitment to excellence in medical education and to contribute to the advancement of the healthcare profession.

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