Vision & Mission


TRR Institutions is a tiny seed, planted by a great visionary in the fecund, expanding sphere of technical knowledge. A seed watered by care, hope and love such that it would grow into a mighty tree providing the sweet flowers of knowledge, the fruit of excellence and the shade of universal growth. TRR Institutions has embarked on a lucid and impassioned mission of 'Generating Global Professionals' aimed at empowering future generations.

TRR Institutions guiding philosophy has been to empower students with knowledge, personality, attitude and skill that enable them to challenge the outermost limits known to them. TRR Institutions is totally committed to exploring new frontiers in technical education and medical education and thereby aims to sustain the pace of progress and development in our rapidly evolving world. The painstaking conception, scrupulous planning of the facilities, faculty and curriculum for all its institutions reflects TRR Institutions commitment to its cause.

Every single institution belonging to the TRR Group offers courses that are career and future driven, with highly qualified and experienced faculty, large, well maintained and easily accessible campuses, clean student accommodation, replete libraries, state of the art laboratory facilities, computer labs and other facilities.

Mission :
“Education for all, Health for the needy”. The dichotomous object of TRR Institutions driving it on a missionary zeal to realize the object. The mission of the College of Education is to develop reflective professionals and scholars informed by theory, research, and best practice. This mission is based on a strong belief in the value and critical importance of education in an open, democratic, and diverse society. The College recognizes that significant forces are reshaping our nation’s schools and society. In response, we prepare and graduate professionals to meet, evaluate, and provide effective and creative leadership in response to these challenging times.